Finance & Accounting Manager

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Our client, a prosperous Thai manufacturer of automotive components, has achieved tremendous success in promoting its high-quality brand internationally. To bolster their staff, the factory located at Chachoengsao, Bang-na Trad Road is seeking a Finance and Accounting Manager. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Accountable for generating liquidity through financial planning, financial statement preparation, accounting system management, and internal audit. In the realm of financial and labor management, for optimal advantage.
  • Liaise with respect to loans and financial liquidity
  • Cash management and ensuring that cash management generates returns for the business
  • Prepare the balance sheet and ensure that administrative expenses are kept to a minimum for the business.
  • Manage expenses and accounting with precision, punctuality, punctuality, and precision.
  • Offer recommendations that are advantageous to the decision-making process of executives regarding asset management.
  • Conduct performance results analysis and tax system administration In accordance with the legislation and the tax regulations set forth by the Thai Revenue Department.
  • Preparing an internal system efficiency audit
  • Perform a vulnerability assessment of the internal system. and oversee and regulate internal matters in order to minimize expenses associated with management and oversight. It is available in accordance with your budget.
  • Develop and propose solutions to proposed problems and systems to prevent corruption
  • Plan and monitor the progress of the team, as well as the abilities and skills of each member of the team,
  • Educate and advise team members on how to execute their duties efficiently, thereby enabling employees’ average performance to increase proportionally.
  • Offer counsel and resolve a variety of issues that may arise; assess and cultivate aptitudes and potential. Assess and cultivate the capabilities and potential of the group
  • Provide instruction and development for the group’s capabilities and potential Competency development and training of the team


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance or a Related Field
  • Eight years of solid direct experience, including team management;
  • Proficient in the English language.
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