Senior Researcher (Product Design)

Our client stands as the premier petrochemical manufacturer in Thailand, boasting a global footprint and a diverse array of consumer applications.

Major Responsibilities

  • Co-create R&D and innovation in product engineering design & simulation in order to achieve the product and application development with polymer processing interactions and material characterization to understand, serve customer needs, and  create new values
  • Suggest/propose potential external partners to co-develop in product engineering design & simulation along the value chains    
  • Work collaboratively with identified internal and external partners to deliver desired outcomes within the committed timeline as needed
  • Manage project team to develop goals, strategies and plans related to research and development project to ensure proper execution of research projects  in each responsible research platform properly including budgeting and resources management and monitoring
  • Execute technical contents and provide technical resources in collaboration with Business units to ensure success of new product/process in  commercialization phase to deliver new/additional Revenue/EBITDA
  • Coach and provide advisory to researcher and research assistant as needed
  • Collaborate with relevant parties to maintain and improve R&D and Innovation performance to company’s strategy and support the R&D work process aligned with corporate process


  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Material Engineering , Chemical Engineering or relevant field 
  • Competent in using parts design program in CFD and/or FEA, e.g. AutoCad, Catia/Solidworks, experience in plastic design is an advantage.
  • Minimum 2 years of parts design experience with the relevant knowledge, skills and competency and able to manage or instruct the vendor to develop the part design until production.
  • Good command of English
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