Government Affair Manager

  • Our client is large MNC with long term operation in Thailand.

    As the Government Affair Manager, with broad instruction, you will lend a hand with the conception and enactment of legislative maneuvers and approaches on federal and/or provincial matters which concern the enterprise. You boast knowledge of state policies influencing the corporation’s sector, and the aptitude to interpret public matters in connection with the company’s operations.


  • Supplies proficient help to business and executives in the realm of public connections.
  • Adds to the construction of main messages and material for gatherings and other occasions involving government entities.
  • Functions as nucleus to assigned government departments and business organizations.
  • Replies to questions from government entities as per the company’s confidentiality regulations.
  • Surveys, scrutinizes and interprets existing and proposed government regulations and its consequence on the company.


  • Excellent communication skills in English with strong experience in advocacy communication
  • Strong network in a government sector
  • Flexible for working hour and travelling.
  • Bachelor degree in political science or related.
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