Senior Operations Officer

An organization that specializes in outsourcing is looking to expand its payroll outsourcing team and is looking for a Senior Operation Officer. The multifaceted responsibilities associated with overseeing payroll operations highlight key aspects such as client relationship management, compliance, quality assurance, team leadership, process improvement, technology integration, reporting and analysis, problem resolution, documentation, record-keeping, budget management, and continuous learning.

Major Responsibilities: 

  • Overseeing Payroll Operations: Efficiently managing and supervising day-to-day operations of the payroll department is paramount. Ensuring accuracy and timeliness in payroll processing for clients establishes the foundation for a seamless financial workflow.
  • Client Relationship Management: Serving as a key point of contact for clients involves more than just addressing inquiries. Building and maintaining strong relationships are essential for understanding the unique payroll needs of clients, fostering trust, and ensuring satisfaction.
  • Compliance and Legal Adherence: A deep understanding of Thai labor laws and regulations is imperative to guarantee payroll compliance. Implementing and maintaining processes that adhere to legal requirements safeguard the organization and its clients from potential legal repercussions.
  • Quality Assurance: Regular audits and quality checks are conducted to ensure the utmost accuracy in payroll processing. The implementation of corrective measures for identified errors or discrepancies contributes to a reliable and error-free payroll system.
  • Team Leadership and Training: Leadership involves more than supervision; it requires providing guidance and support to the payroll staff. Conducting training sessions enhances the team’s skills and knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Process Improvement: Identifying opportunities for process optimization and implementing improvements are crucial for enhancing efficiency and reducing errors in the payroll processes.
  • Technology Integration: Staying informed about payroll software and technology advancements is essential. Integrating new technologies into the payroll system improves processing efficiency and ensures the organization remains at the forefront of industry standards.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Generating and analyzing payroll reports for both management and clients is a strategic function. Providing insights and recommendations based on data analysis contributes to informed decision-making.
  • Problem Resolution: Addressing and resolving payroll-related issues in a timely and efficient manner is vital. Collaborating with other departments for cross-functional issue resolution demonstrates a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping: Proper documentation of payroll processes and procedures, along with maintaining accurate records for audit purposes, ensures transparency and accountability.
  • Budget Management: Assisting in budgeting and cost management for the payroll department involves monitoring expenses and implementing cost-saving measures when possible, contributing to overall financial sustainability.
  • Continuous Learning: Staying informed about industry trends, best practices, and changes in payroll regulations is a commitment to continuous learning. Attending relevant workshops or training sessions enhances professional knowledge and ensures the adaptability of the payroll management team.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting or related.
  • 3-5 years of experience payroll outsourcing company.
  • Details oriented and good communication skills.
  • Good Command in English

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