Commercial Director

Our client is an international company providing services in Building and Facility Management, further underscoring the significance of Qualifications

In the dynamic landscape of organizational management, the position of Commercial Director emerges as a pivotal role, charged with overseeing all facets of an organization’s commercial operations. This senior management position is instrumental in ensuring the seamless functioning of the commercial department while spearheading the pursuit of Commercial Excellence. This essay explores the multifaceted responsibilities and strategic imperatives inherent in the role of a Commercial Director.


  • At the helm of commercial operations, the Commercial Director assumes accountability for defining, developing, and delivering Company’s top-line within the country. To accomplish this, a comprehensive understanding of the market is imperative. The Commercial Director undertakes continuous research to discern market needs and trends, keeping a vigilant eye on the competitive landscape. This knowledge forms the foundation for the development and execution of a commercial strategy aligned with Company’s  overarching commercial objectives.
  • Critical to the role is the identification of segments and clients, a responsibility entrusted to the Commercial Director. This individual, under the guidance of the Commercial Director, conducts rigorous analysis and risk assessments, deciding whether to pursue specific clients or tenders based on a market segmentation framework and pricing strategy. The Commercial Director, as the leader, is integral to defining key targets and sales ambitions across all sales work streams—solutions, field, and direct sales.
  • Strategic initiatives and customer engagement programs are crafted and executed by the Commercial Director to position Company as the preferred partner in the country. This involves meticulous adherence to the NOSE methodology for segments and clients, ensuring systematic execution and thorough understanding of client needs.
  • The Commercial Director plays a pivotal role in fostering a customer-centric culture within the commercial team. Leading, developing, training, and motivating the team are integral aspects of this role, ensuring that customer needs are not only understood but also met through tailored solutions.
  • Reporting directly to the Country President, the Commercial Director collaborates with various departments, including HR, Operations, and ES&S, reflecting the cross-functional nature of the position. This interaction underscores the importance of strategic engagement programs and the need for the Commercial Director to remain closely connected with customers.
  • In terms of responsibilities, the Commercial Director is charged with ensuring Commercial Excellence Management. This involves implementing and utilizing commercial tools, leading and mentoring the team, and maintaining an orderly commercial filing system. The COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR also oversees the operations of the commercial department, aligning strategies with the organization’s goals.
  • Understanding the market is a key facet of the role, involving a thorough study of competition, local regulations, and global knowledge pertinent to Company. The Commercial Director is also responsible for driving strategic commercial initiatives, studying market segments, and identifying priority clients. The NOSE methodology is rigorously applied, ensuring valuable client information is collected and studied for informed decision-making.
  • Customer engagement is a focal point, encompassing strategies for timely invoicing, trust-building through personal visits, and the creation of case studies to showcase service solutions. The sales process, from maintaining Pipedrive to overseeing negotiations and deal closures, is meticulously managed by the Commercial Director.
  • In terms of reporting, the COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR contributes to business plan preparation, achieves sales targets, and ensures regular updates on Pipedrive and commercial reports.
  • The Commercial Director is not only a leader but also a collaborator, enlisting the support of the Country Controller, Divisional COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR, and other management resources as needed. The role demands a nuanced approach, balancing financial acumen, international exposure, and hands-on practicality.


  • a track record of 10-15 years, particularly in the service industry, is preferred.
  • The ideal candidate demonstrates business and financial acumen, leadership skills, and proficiency in commercial excellence and marketing.

In conclusion, the Commercial Director is a linchpin in Company’s quest for commercial success. With a strategic mindset, market acumen, and a commitment to excellence, the Commercial Director is poised to drive the organization towards new heights, securing its position as a leader in the industry.


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